Mastering Resilience: Living on Purpose

A LIVE 8- week transformational experience for anyone who needs practical, proven strategies to form lasting resilence in their lives.

October 18th - December 12th


You know you are here to have a huge impact. You are a cycle breaker, breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma and you already have to some extent found ways to break the cycle and you want to have a larger ripple effect to change the lives of future generations.

You use the experiences of your own adversity to create a positive, meaningful impact in the world. Yet, you still have these patterns that you know are not resulting in you being the best version of yourself and creating the best life for yourself(version of yourself)

You know you want to change your life for the better but continue the same patterns. You KNOW you are destined for MORE. You crave more confidence. Better relationships. Clear boundaries. More joy and love.

This is more common than you think. I went through this. I was just like you. I grew up in a trauma filled childhood. More than most, that’s subjective. I was left feeling like I didn't matter, like I was worthless. I felt hopeless when it came to getting what I wanted out of life... I knew I wanted to make a change but never thought I deserved it.

I saw others filled with joy, excited to be alive... purely happy in the moment... and I wanted that. I wanted meaningful relationships with people who supported me and knew my potential.

I wanted to feel confident in relationships, social settings, interviews, and meetings. I wanted to go to bed looking forward to the next day instead of crawling into bed and dreading the next day.

I created Mastering Resilience from my own personal journey of healing and through the lens of over 30 years of experience of working closely with those who experienced trauma and healed successfully. I've seen them emerge from the depths and use what once was holding them down to fuel their fire for life.

We all deserve to live a life that is full of purpose and self-worth... live a life that is connected to and supports our intrinsic value, as well as our dreams and aspirations.

So that you can begin to live feeling more relaxed, calm, emotionally engaged, confident, and prepared for each day.

So that instead of spending years of therapy to "get over" past traumas and self-limiting beliefs, you can begin to use your past adversity to fuel you and drive you to be the powerful women you are… AND in only 8 weeks.

The Mastering Resilience™ recipe provides tools to help you shift out of these patterns and to give you tools to face the new adversities that will inevitably come, and in a way that won't take you out the same way they have in the past.

Show the world that you will not be held to mediocre, that you can and will rise in the face of adversity and you are deserving of your dreams.

The old you will not stand a chance against your new mindset and confidence.

I'll guide you through my proven process to help you:

  • Heal from childhood adversity so you can successfully navigate your healing journey while using proven strategies to remain resilient in the process.

  • Change your beliefs and actions to create massive breakthroughs.

  • Gain a high level of personal responsibility for your own choices and actions.

  • Adamantly reject having a victim mentality.

I would love for you to join me this October!

WHEN: October 18th - December 12th

WHERE: Virtual on Zoom

INVESTMENT: Mastering Resilience: Living on Purpose is normally $2,500

Registration right now is $897


Mastering Resilience™ 8-Week Masterclass

  • Weekly Lesson and Q&A Session

    Weekly lessons have been carefully curated and will be delivered live by Lorry each week, followed by a Q&A session. These live sessions are 90-minutes total each week.

  • Weekly Exercises

    There is an exercise with each lesson. The exercises reinforce and support the lesson and are used to create breakthroughs that lead to permanent change.

  • Healing Applications

    A healing application is completed each week. It helps us practice applying what we learn and gain a clear understanding of how to incorporate it into our everyday lives.

  • Accountability

    We will keep you accountable to moving positively forward toward your desired outcome.

  • 30-Minute Call

    We will wrap up the course work with a 30-minute one-on-one phone call. We will review your progress and ensure a plan for continued success.

  • Private Facebook Group

    The group is filled with valuable, proven, first-hand information and hundreds of remarkable successful women professionals who are learning how to Master Resilience™ in a whole new way.

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  • What is included in the Masterclass?

    My program was designed to teach my clients practical, proven strategies they need to form lasting resilience in their lives.

    I have created exercises and healing applications for each lesson to allow my clients to learn to implement these strategies effectively and consistently going forward in their lives.

    My course is currently being offered live. That's something you're not likely to find somewhere else. We do this for one simple reason... Because together we achieve more.

  • My schedule is pretty full and I don't know if I will have enough time. How much time will I need each week?

    To achieve the highest level of result, It’s important for you to set aside time to attend the live sessions Q & A sessions and complete weekly assignments. Some assignments take longer than others.

    On average, this commitment takes about 1-2 hours per week to complete, but largely depends on the amount of time that you spend on the exercises and assignments. We recommend setting aside time daily in order to get the most out of the course.

    When you choose the Individual coaching sessions options, the time spent in those sessions is above and beyond the time noted above.

  • I have tried other programs and they didn't work. Why is this course different?

    My program was designed to teach my clients practical, proven strategies they need to form lasting resilience in their lives. I have created exercises and healing applications for each lesson to allow my clients to learn to implement these strategies effectively and consistently going forward in their lives.

  • This program is for me. What is the investment?

    This transformational experience is being delivered completely live for our October start date and will not be offered in this live delivery format again. The investment for the live experience is $897, which is currently discounted from $2,500.

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